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by admin on May 21, 2020

Test Data Management Evolves into Test Data Automation

Digital Transformation (DX) is a trillion-dollar industry representing the largest share of enterprise IT investments. Unfortunately, most digital initiatives fail to achieve their goals due to issues with software and data quality.

DX quality is essential for accurate business intelligence, efficient process automation and creating a digital customer experience that maximizes revenue and retention. Many QA organizations are turning to intelligent automation to achieve quality at speed for continuous integration and testing of DX applications.

Intelligent Automation is the combination of test automation and Test Data Automation (TDA) to perform comprehensive functional, non-functional and regression testing as an on-demand, self-service. It requires an intelligent test data provisioning platform that allows testers to design the precise test data needed for each category of testing at a moment’s notice, in terms of variety, volume, structure, security and output format.

Moving from Test Automation to Intelligent Automation

Test automation succeeds because it leverages technology to perform a repetitive testing process at high speed and without human intervention. Human intelligence is needed to design the test, but once configured, they can be run at high speed and on a predefined schedule for as long, or as often, as required.

Test data provisioning must benefit from the same level of automation as test operations.

Through a series of thought-leadership articles to be published on the GenRocket blog, we are about to shine a bright light on the concept of Intelligent Automation.

Here’s our definition of Intelligent Automaton:

Intelligent automation expands the power of traditional test automation through the addition of intelligent test data provisioning, a model for self-service provisioning that includes four intelligent capabilities:

  • Designing the data needed to meet test objectives and maximize coverage
  • Capturing that data specification as an executable test data configuration file
  • Executing configuration files to generate test data during tests execution
  • Enabling team collaboration and lifecycle management of test data cases

In Part 1 of the series, Moving from Test Automation to Intelligent Automation, we take a closer look at the concept of intelligent test data provisioning using GenRocket’s advanced Test Data Automation (TDA) platform.

Testing Data Lake Applications in Financial Services

Large banks are using data lakes to turn big data into actionable business intelligence to drive profitable business outcomes. Electronic data is growing at a phenomenal rate due to the rise in online banking and digital transformation of the customer experience.

GenRocket worked closely with one of its global IT services partners to conduct a POC for a multi-national bank to help them meet this challenge. Learn how the GenRocket solution combined speed of provisioning with total control over data quality to make this evaluation a complete success.

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