Customizing Referential Integrity for Data Subsetting

by admin on Jun 22, 2023

In our most recent announcement, we described how GenRocket provides a single solution for provisioning masked and subsetted production data along with synthetically generated data in a Distributed Self Service Platform.

In our latest knowledge base article, we feature a new capability to manually add referential integrity for parent and child tables to be applied during Intelligent Data Subsetting.

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What is referential integrity? In databases, table relationships are defined by linking data in two or more tables. One table is the parent, and the others are its children. These relationships are defined using Primary and Foreign Keys within the database tables.

A Primary Key is a column within the Primary (Parent) table that is used to identify each table row (e.g., customer_id). And a Foreign Key is a column in the Associated (Child) table that references the identifying value within the Parent table. Referential Integrity refers to the accuracy and consistency of the defined relationships.

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When Should Referential Integrity Be Added? Any time referential integrity does not exist between tables in the source database but needs to be present during Data Subsetting. You can learn about this powerful new GenRocket capability by reading the full article in our Knowledge Base.

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