X12 EDI Test Data Solution for Health Care

by admin on Jun 05, 2019

We are excited to announce a powerful new test data solution for the healthcare industry from GenRocket. The X12 EDI Test Data Solution is a comprehensive add-on package for the recently announced Enterprise Edition of GenRocket TDG™.

X12 is the Electronic Data Interchange standard used by all health care organizations in North America. It defines the transaction codes and data structures used for the enrollment of members in health insurance plans, claims for insurance coverage and responses to those claims in the form of payments and related documents such as an Explanation of Benefits (EOB) or an Explanation of Payments (EOP). All electronic transactions between health care insurers, providers, and their intermediaries (clearinghouses) must conform to the X12 standard.

GenRocket provides an easy and flexible solution for the many challenges associated with provisioning data for testing health care applications.

  • Self-service building & provisioning of accurate X12 EDI test data
  • Assured HIPAA compliance by using synthetic test data vs. production data
  • Rapid test data case building with Test Data Permutations and Test Data Rules
  • Data consistency and referential integrity across multiple EDI documents
  • Customized X12 EDI documents to match internal organizational testing needs
  • Blended EDI test data with actual program data (e.g., Member ID and Procedure Codes)

GenRocket’s X12 EDI Test Data Solution brings a new level of test data speed, data quality and control to drive higher levels of operational efficiency and code coverage enabling QA organizations to maximize the quality of software released to production environments. We have prepared a number of educational materials to help you fully understand the many features and benefits associated with this new capability – including a solution brief and a short video demonstration of our new X12 EDI Test Data Solution.

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