New eBook: Achieving Test Automation Synergy

by admin on May 14, 2019
We have just completed a new eBook on a very hot topic for anyone in the field of software quality assurance: How Test Data Generation (TDG) integrates with CI/CD pipelines and test automation tools to unlock the full potential of accelerated software development.
Achieving Test Automation Synergy provides a step-by-step look into the world of test automation and how QA professionals can maximize business value by integrating three essential technologies and following best practices.

Here is a summary of its contents:

Embracing Quality at Speed: Explains the industry trends driving the adoption of test automation with the latest market research data.

Thinking Differently About Test Data: Introduces a new way to think about test data as an intelligent, on-demand resource for test automation.

The Importance of Test Data Quality: Covers the many aspects of data quality that should be considered when provisioning test data for test automation.

Integrating TDG with CI/CD: Presents an architecture and a deployment model for continuous testing by establishing a fully integrated test automation environment.

Maximizing Test Automation ROI: Provides best practices and practical advice for maximizing your test automation Return on Investment (ROI).

Innovating Test Data Solutions: Covers a variety of test automation use cases that can be accelerated with the addition of real-time synthetic test data.

Realizing Operational Benefits: Summarizes the business impact and tangible operational benefits that are achievable with test automation synergy.


New Video: Integrating GenRocket with Jenkins and Selenium

As the old proverb says, seeing is believing. If you would like to see just how easy it is to integrate GenRocket TDG™ with a Selenium test case orchestrated by a Jenkins CI/CD server, then you will enjoy our latest solutions video. Created by Hycel Taylor, GenRocket’s Chief Architect and Co-founder, this 3-minute video walks through the process of creating a fully integrated and automated testing environment by combining the power of three essential technology platforms. To view the video, click on the link below.

Integrating GenRocket TDG™ with test automation tools and CI/CD pipelines creates a highly streamlined environment for continuous testing that maximizes code coverage as it optimizes operational efficiency. The video provides a brief demonstration of the strategy for achieving test automation synergy described in our new eBook (above) and enabled by the power and flexibility of GenRocket TDG.


New Financial Services Case Study

We have prepared a new case study that features a real-world testing challenge confronting a global financial services company in banking, credit card, payment and loan services.

The Deposits Originations team was faced with a difficult challenge in testing the software used for account origination and deposit transactions across several product offerings. Each offering has multiple categories of input values and operational parameters.

The test data required for testing hundreds of combinations of potential data values for thousands of unique user accounts was daunting. The challenge was to reduce their test data provisioning time from between 2 to 30 days down to same day provisioning. At the same time, they needed high quality data for testing all permutations and edge cases while interfacing with 10 APIs used for data interchange. 100% data security was required for all test operations.

Download the case study presentation to learn more about how they met this challenge and successfully integrated test data provisioning with test automation tools and CI/CD pipelines.

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