Financial Services Case Study

by admin on Aug 07, 2019

For this edition of the GenRocket Advisor, we have prepared a case study to examine the automation and acceleration of test data provisioning at a major financial services company. The QA team needed comprehensive test data to ensure payment processing applications are rigorously tested for defects, compliance with data interchange standards and performance under heavy load conditions.

They replaced a manual test data provisioning process with a highly automated approach based on GenRocket TDG to simulate complex transaction data feeds. Prior to GenRocket, the team had been using a copied subset of production data and prepared it for testing by manually modifying the data to meet their testing requirements, while removing sensitive customer and merchant information.

This labor-intensive provisioning process limited the variety of test data available for functional, integration and regression testing and also limited the volume of data required for load and performance testing.

GenRocket created a custom test data generator and new test data receivers to format the data to match the company’s data interchange specification. Then a custom script was created to implement an API integration between their testing tools and the GenRocket TDG platform along with test data scenarios that contain instructions for generating test data in the required volume and variety needed for comprehensive testing.

Compared to the manual data provisioning process, the team is now performing more complete testing while saving 320 man-hours per year, representing a major cost and time savings for the organization. To download the full case study, just click the link below.

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