[VIDEO] How GenRocket Integrates with Selenium

by admin on Aug 09, 2023

Selenium is a suite of open-source software test automation tools that has gained wide acceptance at large software-driven organizations like Netflix and Google. It’s become a de facto standard for a variety of test automation procedures such as functional, performance, regression, and UI testing.

It’s core tool, Selenium WebDriver, performs tests directly on browsers, mimicking user actions and eliminating manual steps. Selenium stands as a predominant automation tool in the enterprise landscape and aligns with modern development methods like Agile and DevOps for improving efficiency and productivity.

By leveraging browser APIs, Selenium WebDriver orchestrates authentic user actions, granting robust control over browser interactions. Its compatibility with various programming languages, such as Java, Ruby, and Python, fosters flexibility and consistency in testing practices. Selenium WebDriver lets you create reusable test scripts, reducing repetition across projects.

GenRocket - Selenium Integration

GenRocket has created a seamless integration with Selenium, enabling a powerful combination of test automation and synthetic test data generation. With GenRocket, the test coverage and performance of Selenium automated testing is taken to the next level. Any volume, variety, and format of synthetic data can be generated in real time by the GenRocket platform during the execution of Selenium test scripts.

Watch our latest video to see this powerful combination in action.

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