GenRocket Integrates with Katalon to Deliver Data-Driven Testing

by admin on Aug 02, 2023

Data-driven testing is useful for testing scenarios where input data can vary significantly or when there is a need to perform the same tests with different datasets to validate system behavior under various conditions.

Here are some of the many benefits of data-driven testing:

Comprehensive Test Coverage: By testing various data combinations, it helps identify defects in different scenarios, leading to more comprehensive test coverage

Reusability: Test cases can be reused with different datasets, reducing duplication of efforts and saving time in test design.

Scalability: Data-driven testing allows testers to easily add new data sets to increase test coverage without modifying the test scripts.

Flexibility: It enables testers to quickly adapt to changes in requirements by modifying the test data without altering the test logic.

Often the test data used for data-driven testing is manually created using spreadsheets, XML files, or CSV files. The test framework reads the data from these sources and passes it to the test scripts during execution.

GenRocket -Katalon Integration

Persistent, a GenRocket systems integration partner, recently deployed a solution for one of their customers to automate the use of data-driven testing within their Azure DevOps pipeline. Persistent leveraged GenRocket’s ability to design “Test Data Cases” that are called directly by the Katalon test scripts for each test case generating synthetic test data “on demand” in seconds.

The result: Rapid test execution for a wide variety of test data cases leading to faster test cycles with greater coverage. Learn more about the Persistent data-driven solution.

GenRocket has created a seamless integration with Katalon studio, a comprehensive quality management platform that allows you to perform testing of web, mobile, desktop applications and APIs. We put together a short video to show this powerful integration in action.

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GGenRocket -Katalon Integration

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