The ROI of Synthetic Test Data Automation

by admin on Mar 30, 2022

Enterprise quality assurance organizations increasingly want to assess their return on investment in new technology as they evaluate platforms for the next generation of Test Data Management. Technology migration can be expensive and the risk of committing funds and staff resources to new systems is high.

However, with successful results and a compelling ROI, technology migration is well worth the cost and risk. Here are some of the successful outcomes GenRocket customers are realizing.

  • Assured data privacy versus testing with sensitive production data
  • Accelerated test data provisioning time for fully automated testing
  • Greater testing accuracy leading to lower software defect rates
  • Improved agility in responding to new application requirements

GenRocket enables these results because Synthetic Test Data Automation eliminates the need for manual data creation and drastically reduces provisioning time when compared to testing with sensitive production data.

We closely examined one customer’s experience with their transition to GenRocket’s synthetic data platform to provide a baseline for projecting the ROI for any organization considering a similar technology migration.

During a six-month initiative they were able to increase GenRocket adoption by their Agile scrum teams as they realized a significant ROI and a dramatic increase in operational efficiency.

Read our new ROI analysis to learn how quickly a GenRocket investment breaks even, and how rapidly the return-on-investment increases with each stage of deployment.

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