How Synthetic Data Extends the Power of Virtual Data

by admin on Mar 23, 2022

Delphix, the leading DevOps Data Platform and GenRocket, the leading Synthetic Data DevOps Platform, announced a partnership last year to provide complementary synthetic and virtual data solutions for complex, enterprise-class test data challenges. Delphix enables the automated provisioning of production-quality test data by delivering complete, masked virtual copies of production databases to test environments in minutes.


GenRocket’s platform for real-time synthetic test data automation is the perfect complement to the Delphix DevOps Data Platform. Synthetic data extends the power of virtualized production data with test data that increases coverage and simulates new and unique data for greenfield applications.

GenRocket and Delphix are delivering this powerful integrated solution to large enterprise customers around the world. We recently recorded a demonstration of the two platforms working side-by-side to illustrate the dramatic improvements in acceleration, coverage, and operational efficiency now being realized by the growing number of joint Delphix + GenRocket customers.

Click the link below to view the demonstration and hear a high-level summary of potential deployment models and their benefits present by GenRocket CEO and Co-founder Garth Rose.

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