Test Data Generation is Next Generation of Test Data Management

by admin on Jan 31, 2019

The dominos are falling. As software development evolves to fully embrace strategies for increasing the speed of development, a sequence of events has been set in motion.

Faster release cycles are driving market demand for test automation tools that need test data on-demand and in real-time. Test Data Generation technology is in position to meet that challenge as the next generation of Test Data Management.


6 Essential Criteria for Comparing the Value of Test Data

An article recently published in TEST Magazine written by GenRocket CEO Garth Rose outlines top QA testing challenges and gauges the value of real-time synthetic test data versus production test data as solutions for those challenges.

The article makes the case for Test Data Generation as a high-performance engine for generating quality test data that is secure, controlled, conditioned, and available on-demand for all categories of testing using a platform that integrates with test automation frameworks and CI/CD pipelines.


Automating CI/CD Pipelines for Insurance Industry Applications

IT executives must overcome many challenges as they strive to continuously enhance their applications, reduce time to market, improve quality, and control cost. Movements like DevOps, Agile, CI/CD and an assortment of automation tools are designed to provide answers for these challenges. At the center of the discussion is Jenkins, an open source automation tool that automates the Continuous Integration (CI) and Continuous Delivery (CD) process to provide a streamlined application development pipeline.

A major insurance company asked GenRocket to help them eliminate their test data bottleneck by generating real-time synthetic test data for testing a wide variety of insurance applications serving individuals and families as well businesses and organizations through a network of brokers and advisors.

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