New Productivity Features to Further Streamline Test Data Provisioning

by admin on Jan 30, 2019

A study conducted by IBM in 2016 found that 30% to 60% of a tester’s time is spent provisioning test data using traditional Test Data Management (TDM) features and functions. Two thirds of provisioning time is spent manually creating test data while one third of that time is spent cloning production data and manually cleansing it for use in a testing environment.

With GenRocket’s Test Data Generation (TDG) platform, test data is generated in real-time at the rate of 10,000 rows per second. This eliminates any delay associated with generating test data.

Now we are further streamlining the provisioning process with powerful new productivity features that simplify and accelerate the design, development and deployment of test data scenarios, the instructions that control the TDG process to produce quality test data for any test case on-demand.

In this GenRocket App Note, we will describe 7 new productivity features that will enable QA professionals to more quickly and easily create and manage test data scenarios and accelerate the entire test data provisioning process.

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