Test Data Automation for the Age of Agile

by admin on Mar 11, 2021

Organizations are investing heavily in digital transformation, Big Data analytics, artificial intelligence and machine learning. However, many of these systems will experience costly and preventable problems with software quality. In a recent study, The Cost of Poor Software Quality in the US: A 2020 Report, CISQ estimates a staggering $2.08 trillion was lost last year in the United States alone because of software defects, fragile legacy systems, cybersecurity failures and failed IT project.

Test data is critical to ensuring the quality of software because the data used for testing determines the execution path of the code. Without the right test data, large blocks of code can go untested allowing defects to go undetected. Test data should be carefully designed to control the patterns, permutations and boundary values needed to fully test software. With the right Test Data Automation platform, the time to provision comprehensive test data that maximizes coverage can be accelerated so that QA can keep pace with the speed of continuous integration and delivery.

Intelligent Data Migration

Depending on the application and its data environment, there may be a requirement for migrating a subset of production data into a dev or test environment. GenRocket meets this requirement with a solution called G-Migration+, an intelligent data migration solution. G-Migration+ allows testers to extract a portion of a source production database, move it to a target dataset using the identical data model and format, and provision the data for automated testing during continuous integration.

G-Migration+ allows testers to replace sensitive or private information with synthetic data and augment the production data with generated synthetic data conforming to the same data model. The result is the best of both worlds: The familiarity of working with existing and realistic production data combined with the flexibility of generating synthetic data to provision a more complete test data subset.

Solution Accelerator for Health Care Test Data Automation

A demonstration of GenRocket’s X12 EDI Solution Accelerator was recently developed for a major health insurance company. Their QA team identified 3 business cases related to their claims processing workflow to evaluate GenRocket’s capabilities. The team wanted to understand the user experience for configuring complex X12 EDI data structures. And they also wanted to assess the power and flexibility of the platform for generating controlled synthetic data, at scale, for any type of testing.

The demonstration was recorded and excerpts for each business case can be viewed as on-demand solution videos. Together, they provide a high-level introduction to the power of GenRocket’s Test Data Automation platform and its ability to rapidly provision comprehensive and 100% secure synthetic test data. They demonstrate a scalable self service solution for generating fully compliant X12 EDI transaction data with complete control over data volume, variety and velocity.

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