Summary of New GenRocket Features for 2021

by admin on Apr 07, 2021

GenRocket has been very busy rolling out new features for its Synthetic Test Data Automation platform in 2021. As you may recall, we did a major announcement of our enterprise-class self-service modules in February, followed by a technology partnership announcement with Delphix in March.

We thought it would be helpful to summarize these exciting new features to bring all of our partners up to speed. These are industry-leading capabilities that position GenRocket to play a significant role advancing the Agile/DevOps mission to shift left, automate testing and accelerate software engineering.

Everything is clearly explained in a series of articles you will find in the What’s New section of our knowledge base. Here are links to a detailed article describing each new feature.

Top New Features for February

  • New Enterprise Features Released
  • Enforce Type/Value Limit for Generators
  • Four New G-Partition Receivers
  • SWIFTSegmentMergeReceiver
  • ListCSVIndexGen Generator
  • MyanmarNationalID Generator
  • New MemoryPutGen Generator Parameter
  • New FixedFileSegmentMergeReceiver Parameter

Top New Features for March

  • G-Migration+: Added Support for Two More Partition Receivers
  • File and Directory Configuration for Receivers
  • QueryReGenerateOnHitGen Generator
  • Web Platform User Interface Updates

New Video Testimonial

Also new for 2021 is a video testimonial from Dennis Brown, Group Director of Quality Assurance at BST Global, a provider of business software solutions for architectural and engineering firms based in Tampa, Florida. Hear Dennis describe the test data challenge he faced when testing a new web-based application based on a complex microservices architecture and how he partnered with GenRocket to meet those challenges.

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