Self-Service Enhancements Deliver Enterprise Scalability

by admin on Sep 29, 2020

During the last several months, GenRocket has been systematically enhancing the components of G-Self-Service to bring enterprise scalability to Test Data Automation self-service. G-Self-Service provides any tester with the ability to design and generate the data needed for automated Agile test cases, on-demand, and as a unified process. This allows testers to perform continuous testing and integration without the lead times typically associated with Test Data Management.

Here is a table to illustrate the G-Self-Service components.

G-Self-Service follows the Agile SDLC allowing testers to design Test Data Cases to test new or incremental code builds and generating controlled synthetic test data in various combinations, patterns and permutations to maximize coverage. Test Data Rules is a component that allows testers to design data for testing business logic and Test Data Queries allows production data values to be queried in real time for data validity. Test Data Cases, Rules and Queries can be easily combined into functional, non-functional and regression test categories to maximize reusability, agility and speed.

As code is integrated, Test Data Stories allow the combination of Test Data Cases in ways that map test data designs to user stories for testing at the Agile feature level. Test Data Stories can be combined into Test Data Epics that define and generate the data needed for integration testing multiple features or to perform end-to-end system testing.

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