Partner Webinar: Enterprise Product Announcement

by admin on Feb 10, 2021

In last week’s GenRocket Advisor, we announced new pricing for enterprise scalability. We are thrilled with the very positive reaction we are receiving to this 5-tier price plan, its competitive entry price, and its high value for money as customers expand their GenRocket platform. This week, we are excited to announce our first all-partner webinar to announce some powerful enterprise capabilities we’ve added to our latest product release.

An Enterprise Product Announcement webinar will be held on
February 17 at 7 am PST, 10 am EST, 3 pm GMT and 8:30 pm IST.
All GenRocket partners are invited to attend

The webinar is titled: Self Service Synthetic Test Data – Test Data Automation for the Age of Agile

This is an important webinar for our partners as we will be presenting the most sophisticated and streamlined version of the GenRocket platform to date. Here are some key elements of the new release:

  • Self Service Synthetic Test Data: The only topic hotter than synthetic test data right now is the ability to automate CI/CD workflows using self service platforms… Our platform enables both!
  • Test Data Epics, Stories and Cases: As Agile teams develop product features as stories and epics, they can configure test data using the same framework… and generate test data during testing!
  • Intelligent Data Migration: As QA teams increase the ratio of synthetic data to production data, there is a need for a single platform for blending both sources of data… We fully support this!
  • Enterprise Scalability: Now teams can store thousands of test data projects in a shared repository that facilitates collaboration, controls versions, synchronizes changes, and provides usage analytics.

During the webinar, we will explain the new functionality in the enterprise release and conduct a live demonstration to illustrate the power and simplicity of our new platform. GenRocket co-founders Garth Rose (CEO) and Hycel Taylor (CTO) will present the technology and also answer your questions.

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