New GenRocket Pricing Enables Enterprise Scalability

by admin on Feb 03, 2021

We are excited to announce new pricing for GenRocket’s industry-leading Self Service Synthetic Test Data solution. As our customers dramatically increase their use of synthetic test data, GenRocket is responding with sophisticated features that enable enterprise scalability. We’re putting together a webinar to announce these powerful new capabilities to our channel partners on February 17th.

With our new pricing, we are moving from a per-seat licensing model to a five-tier licensing plan that reflects various customer profiles. The tiered model also acts as a cost-effective upgrade path for customers to scale their test data automation platform over time. As they progress through each tier, the capacity of the system in terms of projects, domains (tables) and users (or named servers) expands as it delivers increasing functionality.

Here’s a quick overview of the five new pricing tiers and how they match customer needs:

  • Startup: This entry-level tier is designed for emerging software companies that have a small QA staff and testing requirements for 1 to 3 applications and/or databases.
  • Team: The next tier is for organizations that have a small number of teams and between 5 and 10 applications or databases to support. This tier also provides an entry point for large organizations to get started with GenRocket in a very cost effective way.
  • Premium: This tier expands the scope of the Team tier by providing a block of 25 test data projects, 15,000 Domains and capacity for up to 50 named users or servers. Premium edition also includes our new intelligent data migration and masking solution. And it can be optionally upgraded with solution accelerators for X12 EDI and many others coming later this year.
  • Enterprise: This tier doubles the capacity of the Premium tier to enable large scale deployment across an enterprise. Organizations that need to support up to 50 applications, up to 100 users and highly complex data environments can cost-effectively upgrade to this tier.
  • Unlimited: To remove all constraints associated with enterprise scalability, the Unlimited tier represents a licensing plan that can be tailored to meet the requirements of any organization regardless of size or scope.

All 5 tiers include our new self service capabilities and our growing library of standard data Generators and Receivers. All customers also have access to GenRocket University, 5 x 24 online support and a Customer Success Manager for guidance for their GenRocket deployment.

GenRocket now offers the most advanced synthetic test data platform designed for the age of Agile and the automation of CI/CD workflows. Our new self service features help to ease Agile transformation and DevOps evolution while our new pricing enables customers to scale their GenRocket platform gracefully.

The new pricing is effective immediately and can be found by visiting the link below.

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