GenRocket Introduces a New Pricing and Packaging Strategy for Test Data Generation Technology

by admin on May 01, 2019

We are excited to announce the arrival of GenRocket Editions, a new pricing and packaging plan for GenRocket’s TDG technology that provides full scalability for the GenRocket platform from small testing groups to an unlimited enterprise-wide deployment.

The new pricing strategy follows the industry standard three-tiered model for increasing scalability and functionality. This allows the right edition of GenRocket TDG™ to be matched with the needs of any organization or testing team deploying the technology.

Here are the three pricing tiers for GenRocket Editions

  • GenRocket GROUP: Priced and packaged for startup companies or small groups of 1 to 10 testers to enable them to utilize the power of GenRocket TDG for testing up to 5 separate applications
  • GenRocket PROFESSIONAL: Expands the scope and capability of GenRocket Group for a mid-sized company or a testing staff of 5 to 50 users and test data projects for up to 25 applications.
  • GenRocket ENTERPRISE: Enables large-scale deployment of GenRocket TDGacross an organization with multiple business units or software environments with unlimited user licenses, projects and project versions for testing any number of applications.

The GenRocket website has been updated to reflect this new pricing plan and also contains a number of helpful links to knowledgebase resources that explain the most important features of the GenRocket platform that are associated with each edition of the software.

You can view the full press release here and the new pricing page here.

GenRocket Introduces New Solutions Sales Training Course for Channel Partners

In addition to new pricing, we have also developed GenRocket Solution Sales Training, an on-line GenRocket University course for anyone in a sales, pre-sales or other customer-facing role. This course contains a series of short educational videos about all aspects of selling and positioning GenRocket to enterprise customers – in only one hour of course time. We encourage all of our channel partners to enroll to learn more about selling GenRocket TDG.

To enroll yourself into GenRocket Solution Sales Training, just send an email to

You can sample the video training provided by this course and also get a brief introduction to the GenRocket Editions here.

Stay tuned for exciting new product features and industry solutions we have planned for May and June; they will further expand the power and business value GenRocket Editions!

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