Maximize Test Automation ROI with Test Data Generation

by admin on Apr 08, 2019

What are some quick wins and scalable strategies QA professionals can use to maximize their test automation ROI? It starts with choosing the right tests to automate while leveraging the power of Test Data Generation (TDG) technology to maximize testing speed and effectiveness

Software tests that are performed manually, on a repeated basis, should be automated first to save time, reduce project cost and apply data driven testing principles that maximize coverage and quality.

According to a survey of 2,291 QA professionals conducted by ToolsQA, functional and regression testing are the most common areas for the application of test automation. Functional testing is an essential role performed by QA to verify the system or application under test fully meets the requirements of its functional specification.

Based on this analysis, the best types of tests to start deploying TDG with automated testing are:

  • Data-driven functional testing
  • Functional tests repurposed for performance testing
  • Functional and performance tests that are rerun for regression testing

This approach provides the best path to quick wins because each functional test can be repurposed for multiple test categories with test data configured by the TDG platform and reusable test data scenarios. Carefully selecting which test procedures to automate first and using the power and flexibility of TDG to enable multiple categories of testing is the best path to maximizing your test automation environment ROI.

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