Deal Registration: Part of the GenRocket Success Formula

by admin on Mar 26, 2019

GenRocket Partners are essential to the success of GenRocket solutions in the marketplace. Our partners invest their valuable time, energy and resources into cultivating business opportunities for Test Data Generation (TDG), understanding customer requirements, formulating technical solutions and closing them as revenue-generating business deals.

There are many ingredients in the GenRocket success formula including:

  • The ability to clearly communicate the value of TDG
  • Proficiency in the application of GenRocket technology
  • Demonstrating solutions to decision-makers and stakeholders
  • Winning the business when challenged by competitive proposals

An important part of this formula is following the GenRocket Deal Registration process to protect the interests of any and all parties who legitimately pursue the same business opportunities in the marketplace.

Deal Registration assigns the status of “Preferred Partner” to the first eligible Partner that registers the deal. The Preferred-Partner is the only Partner that is eligible for Deal Registration Discounts and Customer-Facing Support from GenRocket on that specific sales opportunity.

Qualified partners with subsequent registrations for the same opportunity will become a “Standard Partner” for the registered deal. A Standard Partner is not eligible for deal registration discounts but is eligible for standard partner pre-sales support.

Details behind the GenRocket Deal Registration Program are fully documented in a program guide that is available on the link provided below. It fully describes the program benefits, eligibility requirements and rules of engagement for deal pursuit along with an explanation for how to register your deals.

Deal Registration ensures mutual success for GenRocket and its partners. If you are involved in business development for your company, please review this document and follow its guidelines. If you have any questions about Deal Registration, just drop us a note at

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