Is Your QA Team Getting the Full Value from Test Automation?

by admin on Apr 24, 2019

The 2018-19 edition of the World Quality Report contains comprehensive research on the key trends shaping quality assurance and testing. The report examines the operational benefits realized by QA teams from their use of test automation tools. Based on a survey of 1700 QA professionals across 10 different industry sectors and 32 countries, the study identified the many ways test automation brings value to their organizations.

QA professionals realized several benefits from test automation:

  • Better test coverage
  • Better control and transparency of test operations
  • Better reuse of test cases
  • Reduction of test cycle time
  • Better detection of defects
  • Reduction of test costs

As you can see from the research results in the chart below, the distribution of benefits reported by survey respondents is fairly even. And the trends from 2016 through 2108 are all going in a positive direction. Test automation is a clear path to a more efficient QA environment.

The results identified “better test coverage” as the leading benefit realized by QA teams. However, this raises an interesting question: How much did test coverage actually improve as a result of automation. Did test coverage improve only slightly and deliver a marginal benefit, or did test automation enable full coverage and deliver maximum benefit?

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