Key Feature Roundup for Q4 2021

by admin on Jan 26, 2022

Every quarter is a busy quarter for GenRocket Engineering, but Q4 was especially productive in terms of powerful new features added to our Test Data Automation platform. The new capabilities allow customers to gracefully scale GenRocket’s secure hybrid cloud platform across any global enterprise DevOps environment.

GenRocket Sujal Saraiya

Under the guidance of our new Chief Product Officer, Sujal Saraiya, GenRocket has implemented a highly efficient Agile development process with an expanded engineering, project management and customer success team. This will allow GenRocket to maintain its leadership position as the most advanced synthetic data solution in the marketplace. Additionally, GenRocket achieved record growth in revenue and new customer acquisition during Q4 as well.

Following is a high-level summary of the key product features released during Q4:

Life Cycle Management: Enhancements to G-Repository, a sophisticated data management synchronization resource, supports distributed teams with full lifecycle management over any changes in their test data projects. G-Delta detects any changes made to the structure of a target data environment and automatically synchronizes those changes in the Test Data Projects that are based on that data model.

Data Consistency: G-Maps ensures data consistency by allowing the management of referential integrity across different data domains that may be used during a workflow testing process.

Deployment: New support for Docker containers allows DevOps teams to securely spin up the GenRocket Runtime Engine in any cloud-based testing environment.

Framework Integration: G-Feature File is our latest form of integration with a major test automation framework, in this case Cucumber. It allows DevOps teams to combine the design and deployment of GenRocket Test Data Cases with automated test cases developed and executed by Cucumber Feature Files.

Ease of Use: GenRocket has made many improvements to simplify the operation of its sophisticated platform. One example is a new enhancement to G-Graphics, a visual representation to navigate through all GenRocket components used by a Test Data Project.

New Data Generators: GenRocket continues to offer the most extensive portfolio of Intelligent Data Generators of any synthetic data platform with more than 680 generators at last count. In Q4 we added many powerful new generators for a wide variety of data types and use cases.

New Output Receivers: GenRocket also leads the synthetic data industry with the most comprehensive library of Output Format Receivers with support for over 90 structured and unstructured data formats. New receivers added in Q4 provide extensive control over the way data segments can be merged to simulate complex data formats like SWIFT, EDI, and Parquet.

To learn more about the new feature enhancements added during Q4, read our “What’s New” knowledge base articles by clicking on the links below.

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