How GenRocket Delivers Test Data Lifecycle Management

by admin on Jan 19, 2022

GenRocket’s synthetic test data automation platform now includes full lifecycle management. It’s an important aspect of Test Data Automation because of the dynamic nature of applications and data environments. As data structures evolve, code is revised, and new software components are introduced, test data must track with these changes, without adding delay or complexity to the provisioning process.

Lifecycle Management

Lifecycle Management impacts each stage of the GenRocket Methodology for modeling, designing, deploying, and managing real-time synthetic test data. It automates the process of detecting, synchronizing and versioning any changes to the data structures and design patterns used for generating controlled and accurate synthetic data.

XTS (Extract Table Schema) includes a set of wizards used to synchronize the data model between a source and target data environment. This ensures that all data relationships and data attributes accurately reflect any data model changes.

Project Versioning provides version control over test data projects to ensure they align with a given software release. Versioning also allows testers to easily copy and repurpose a given test data project for another application or test case.

G-Delta is a lifecycle management tool used to monitor changes (deltas) between a database’s metadata and a GenRocket Project Version whose Domains and Attributes represent the database model.

G-Refactor performs auto-refactoring for all Domains, Attributes, and impacted Scenarios whenever a change is made to the Template Domain or Domain Relationships. When the change is made, all impacted Test Data Scenarios are updated automatically.

All lifecycle Management operations are synchronized by G-Repository, a set of GenRocket components that automatically manage the downloading, updating, and deleting of test data instruction sets (Scenarios) and configuration files (Test Data Cases) to your corporate test environment from the GenRocket Cloud.

GenRocket is a real-time auto-refactoring platform, which means, when Domains, Attributes, and Generators are modified on the GenRocket web platform, GenRocket automatically refactors and updates other affected components. Lifecycle Management features ensure the validity of the data generated by the system as it streamlines the entire provisioning process.

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