How to Deploy Test Data Generation Across the Organization

by admin on Nov 14, 2018

Before we introduce today’s topic, we would like to announce a new name for our partner newsletter and an expansion of its audience. Going forward, the GenRocket partner newsletter will be known as The GenRocket Advisor and will be sent to all GenRocket partners as well as to our growing community of GenRocket customers.

The purpose of The GenRocket Advisor has been, and continues to be, a technical resource for users of the GenRocket platform who are responsible for implementing Test Data Generation (TDG) solutions in their QA environment. We look forward to bringing you case studies, application notes and best practice recommendations with the goal of maximizing the quality, efficiency and cost-savings from your GenRocket testing solutions.

With that said, today’s topic is an important one. We often hear requests from partners and customers for advice on how to deploy GenRocket’s TDG platform broadly across their organization. What applications are the best candidates for TDG? Where are the quick wins? How can GenRocket be used to its greatest potential?

To answer these questions, we have developed a document containing guidelines for Test Data Generation Deployment. It covers the uses cases that offer the greatest benefit from a transition away from the use of production test data and traditional TDM management to the more efficient provisioning model of real-time synthetic test data generation.

The table below contains a checklist of software testing use cases that offer the greatest potential for increased speed, security, simplicity and test data quality. They are described in the Test Data Generation deployment guide.

We hope you find this document to be a helpful resource for guiding your own enterprise deployment of TDG. In future editions of The GenRocket Advisor, we will be expanding on each of these suggested use cases with GenRocket App Notes providing a step-by-step tutorial for the most efficient and effective methods of TDG deployment in your QA organization.

In the meantime, if you have any questions on how to create successful GenRocket testing solutions, we encourage you to post them on the GenRocket Community Forum. You can pose a question, submit a feature request, read about new TDG testing solutions or offer advice to other GenRocket users.  Learn more about the GenRocket Community Forum.

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