How GenRocket Delivers the Highest Value for Money

by admin on Nov 15, 2023

In a recent addition of the GenRocket Advisor, we published a document called The Business Case for Test Data Automation (TDA). It provides context for why this new paradigm for test data provisioning represents greater value for money than traditional Test Data Management (TDM). It outlines the limitations of traditional TDM and how they are eliminated by the more advanced automation inherent in TDA.

GenRocket - The Business Case for Test Data Automation

In this addition, we have updated the GenRocket ROI Analysis developed last year to reflect the latest cost of labor estimates calculated by the US Bureau of Labor Statistics. The analysis provides a quantitative assessment of the value GenRocket can deliver in terms of test cycle time reduction and software defect reduction. With conservative assumptions about the time savings realized by accelerated testing and fewer software defects, it shows that GenRocket can deliver a return on investment in excess of 400% when deployed to 25 scrum teams.

GenRocket - The Business Case for Test Data Automation

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