Achieving Healthcare Data Security in 2024

by admin on Jan 04, 2024

Happy New Year to all of our customers and partners from everyone at GenRocket! We enter 2024 with tremendous momentum across several industry sectors, but none more dynamic and critical than healthcare.

GenRocket - The Business Case for Test Data Automation

GenRocket stands at the forefront of synthetic test data for the healthcare industry with its market-leading Test Data Automation platform. Recognized as the premier choice, our platform excels in the rigorous testing of enterprise-level insurance claims processing systems, providing extensive and scalable synthetic test data. GenRocket is trusted by health insurance providers that collectively serve 21% of the U.S. policyholder market. The world’s most prominent healthcare institutions, managing the most intricate insurance claims systems, have chosen GenRocket for their testing needs.

Driving this growth is the high level of risk to the privacy and security of personal information that’s critical to patients, payers, and providers. The financial consequences of poor software quality alongside the potential of a data breach are daunting. “In 2023, more than 540 organizations and 112 million individuals were implicated in healthcare data breaches reported to the HHS Office for Civil Rights (OCR)” according to HealthITSecurity.

GenRocket provides a single platform for provisioning any kind of synthetic or production data on-demand and with full control over its volume, variety, and output formatting. Here is a list of GenRocket’s most powerful capabilities.

  • 100% Assured Data Privacy
  • Unbounded Data Conditioning
  • Uncompromised Data Accuracy and Validity
  • Full Data Interchange Standards Compliance
  • Support for Testing Complex Workflows
  • Compatibility with Leading Healthcare Applications
  • Full Data Orchestration and CI/CD Pipeline Integration
  • Scalable Self-Service for Global Dev and Test Teams

GenRocket’s Synthetic Test Data Automation solution is the only platform that brings together this unique set of capabilities. Our platform was designed from the ground up to solve any test data challenge. Visit our website to learn more about hour healthcare solutions.

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