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by admin on Nov 02, 2023

GenRocket is constantly incorporating new features into its Synthetic Test Data Automation platform. Sometimes they take the form of new data generators and output formatting receivers, and sometimes they take the form of major enhancements to the platform.

Currently we are running beta programs for four major enhancements and would like to invite our customers and partners to enroll in any of them, or all of them. The good news is that these exciting enhancements are all included in your GenRocket subscription. Following is a brief description of each one and link to a knowledge base article to learn more.

GenRocket - Technology Advancements

G-Portal: We’ve added a central test data search and request portal for testers and developers to submit a request for synthetic test data, or to search for an existing synthetic test data project and case (i.e., G-Case). This new capability allows organizations who have a small team of trained GenRocket Test Data Engineers to support a large community of dev and test teams with a distributed self-service model. Learn more about G-Portal.

Project Categorization: This new function allows organizations to categorize their Test Data Projects so they can be stored in a structured way so projects can more easily be searched, retrieved, and re-used. Now projects can be associated with value streams, applications, test categories or dev and test teams. Categorized projects can be searched through G-Portal. Your customer success team can share with you some project categorization best practices. Learn more about Project Categorization.

G-Families: This is one of the most powerful new capabilities added to the GenRocket platform to help our users who have complex databases. G-Families examines an imported database schema and creates families of related data tables. Then it creates a graphical representation of the database structure (ERD diagrams) so that Test Data Engineers can visualize the data structure they are working with. With just a few clicks, the user can then create test data cases for each of the G-Families. This greatly streamlines the process of modeling and designing new Test Data Cases. Learn more about G-Families.

G-Questionnaire: A test data case (G-Case) can be turned into a template that can be used by distributed teams of testers and developers that can use that template G-case (called G-Questionnaire) to modify the parameters and rapidly obtain the test data case they need. This requires only basic knowledge of the GenRocket platform and allows developers and testers to rapidly specify the parameters of data needed. For example, a test data engineer can create a G-Questionnaire consisting of the database domains and attributes. That questionnaire can then be used by a tester or developer to make changes to the values they want in the synthetic test data. Learn more about G-Questionnaire.

If you would like to learn how to enroll in any of these beta programs, please contact your Customer Success Manager. Channel partners should contact GenRocket’s Director of Strategic Alliances and Partnerships. They will be happy to schedule a call to answer all your questions, provide a demo, and facilitate the process.

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