GenRocket Announces Enhanced X12 EDI Test Data Management Solution

by admin on Oct 23, 2019

Earlier this summer, we announced the availability of our X12 EDI test data solution for healthcare markets to our partner community. The goal of that announcement was to provide partners with early access to new X12 EDI test data solution so they could learn more and also introduce GenRocket’s solution to healthcare customers who had an immediate need.

Processing healthcare insurance claims involves a complex administrative workflow that makes use of multiple X12 EDI transaction sets conveyed as electronic data feeds between healthcare providers, insurance companies and specialized intermediaries called clearinghouses. GenRocket can now generate controlled, clinically accurate data for testing EDI-related applications with its new X12 EDI Test Data Management Solution.

We have dramatically enhanced our EDI test data capabilities by adding a powerful self-service layer “GSelf-Service” for the GenRocket TDG platform. It includes three new self-service modules, Test Data Cases, Test Data Rules and Test Data Queries that speed up the process of creating clinically accurate test data for X12 EDI testing in any volume.

This expanded offering puts GenRocket in the unique position of being the only solution that generates secure, accurate and compliant X12 EDI test data that is easily integrated into test automation environments and that enables continuous integration and testing of healthcare applications.

In this follow-on announcement, we want to communicate our readiness to pursue any and all customer opportunities for X12 EDI test data solutions for health insurance companies, healthcare providers and the clearinghouses that act as intermediaries for conveying the massive volume of healthcare transactions processed each day.
Our value proposition is clear and compelling. GenRocket can meet any X12 EDI test data challenge with the industry’s most comprehensive EDI Test Data Management Solution:

  • Provision clinically accurate X12 EDI transaction data
  • Eliminate personally identifiable information (PII)
  • Blend production data with synthetically generated data
  • Adapt to any implementation of the X12 EDI standard
  • Easily manage and version multiple EDI documents
  • Obtain high volume data for load and performance testing
  • Perform self-service test data provisioning for continuous testing

We have developed a number of resources to help you become more familiar with this market environment and our capabilities for addressing it. They take the form of informational web pages, solution videos, knowledge base articles and PDF collateral material. To get started, we invite you to visit our new X12 EDI information page.

To learn more about GSelf-Service and its new self-service modules for creating Test Data Cases, Test Data Rules and Test Data Queries, please visit our new self-service provisioning page.

This is a major market opportunity for GenRocket and its global partners to bring the industry leading technology solution for X12 EDI test data into healthcare organizations. As always, if you have any questions or wish to discuss a customer requirement, please contact sales by sending an email to or tech support by sending a technical question to We are happy to help!

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