GenRocket Participates in STC 2019

by admin on Nov 20, 2019

This year we are excited to participate in the 19th Annual International Software Testing Conference in Bengaluru, India on December 5 and 6. STC 2019 is built on the theme of Architecting Continuous Quality and brings together practitioners, thinkers, and thought leaders to explore challenges and showcase innovations that advance the state of software testing. GenRocket executives and technology architects will be on hand to demonstrate the latest advancements in our platform and present our vision for the future. If you plan to attend the event, we hope you are able to join us.

What’s New for November

Last month we introduced several new capabilities as part of our X12 EDI Test Data Solution for Healthcare. It was a major release. However, we are continuing to release a stream of new features to enhance the GenRocket platform. So, to keep you up to speed, here is another edition of What’s New, our ongoing series of new feature announcements from GenRocket. Enjoy!

1. GenRocket Teams Permission
The GenRocket Teams Permission feature ensures users are only able to access the appropriate Projects and manage permitted information such as Domains or Scenarios for those Projects.

Eight Team Permissions are available for each Team Member added to a Team. These permissions determine what a User (i.e. Team Member) is able to do when working with a specific Project within the GenRocket web platform.

2. NEXO/ISO 20022
ISO 20022 is an ISO standard for electronic data interchange between financial institutions. GenRocket allows you to quickly define and generate test data for complex nested Extensible Markup Language (XML) documents by importing an XML Schema Definition (XSD), we have added the capability to create domains for NEXO and ISO20022 as well.

3. LocaleNumberFormatGen Generator
The LocaleNumberFormatGen Generator allows a referenced generated value to be customized according to Locale or country-specific format. This generator can be used to customize the generated numeric values into a country-specific format. To see how LocaleNumberFormatGen can be used for your country-specific format.

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