Better Data Driven Testing with Cucumber

by admin on Jan 12, 2022

Cucumber is the leading Behavior Driven Development (BDD) framework and is frequently used by Agile teams within the GenRocket customer community. Cucumber enables a fast-paced, collaborative development process with quality assurance baked in, as it bridges the gap between product owners, developers, and testers.

Now GenRocket has made it easy to perform comprehensive data-driven testing with Cucumber thanks to a new capability we’ve added to our platform called G-Feature File. It’s a powerful integration that allows testers and developers to design and generate the precise test data needed for any Cucumber test using our self-service Synthetic Test Data Automation platform.

G-Feature file complements your existing BDD workflow as you progress through each Agile sprint. Just develop Cucumber feature files with the appropriate Given-When-Then statements and associated step definitions as you normally do. Then import Cucumber Feature Files into GenRocket using G-Feature File and assign GenRocket Test Data Cases to specify the required synthetic test data for that test.

GenRocket G-Feature File

Use GenRocket to add G-Data-Tables to your Cucumber files to identify the data generators that will be used, as well as the commands needed to trigger their execution when the data is needed during test execution. Secure, controlled, and accurate synthetic data is generated in real-time and injected into the application under test in any variety or volume needed to maximize coverage. G-Feature File also includes an editor so you can perform the entire Feature File development process inside the GenRocket platform to simplify the process even more.

The result is a streamlined and integrated approach for developing Cucumber tests while provisioning synthetic test data as a seamless agile process. This dramatically reduces test cycle time during every sprint. And by designing the exact synthetic data needed to fully test the code, you can achieve full test coverage. G-Feature File can be integrated into your release pipeline to establish a totally automated workflow.

You can learn more about G-Feature File in our Knowledge Base by reading several helpful articles that explain how you can take advantage of this powerful new GenRocket capability.

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