Fast Test Data Modification with Global Attribute Editing by Hycel Taylor on May 04, 2017

Limited Time for Testing

A QA tester’s biggest challenge is time. Before each release a QA engineer only has a finite amount of time to test and find bugs. A tester needs to:

  1. Write new tests
  2. Generate test data
  3. Perform old and new tests
  4. Log bugs
  5. Verify bugs are fixed
  6. Sign off on the release

At GenRocket, we continuously look for ways to improve the speed at which testers can have more time for testing. Having worked with large enterprises with complex data models we learned that testers needed a faster way to generate and modify their test data. While GenRocket can generate model-based test data in real time to significantly speed up the process of generating test data there is the question on how fast a tester can use GenRocket to modify test data as their needs change. Previously, testers would have to manually go and update every Attribute in a Domain by hand to make a bulk edit. This is not scalable for applications with complex data models. To give more time back to testers we made GenRocket more efficient by adding a new Group Attribute Editing feature.

Modify your Test Data Faster with Group Attribute Editing

% Null Attribute Being Updated via the new Global Attribute Editing Feature

Instead of modifying each Domain’s Attribute individually for bulk edits, you can simply use this feature. It allows you to:

  • Modify Attributes’ Parameters
    • % Null
    • Null Value
    • Output Condition
    • Type
    • Size
    • Table Reference
    • Mask
    • Default Value
    • Visible
    • Required
    • Unique
  • Add or switch Attributes’ Generators
  • Delete Attributes

If you’re dealing with a Domain with 10+ Attributes this feature is a lifesaver.

Get Started with Group Editing

Ready to do some bulk Attribute editing for fast test data modification? Us to. Please view our documentation on this feature to use it to its fullest.

Do you want a fast test data generator?

Not familiar with GenRocket TDG? No problem, you can request a live demo here to see our test data generation solution in action.