Test Data Automation with End-to-End Security

Security is an essential goal for every quality assurance organization as they strive to:

  • Ensure compliance with data privacy laws
  • Avoid a data breach of sensitive information
  • Protect internal systems from unauthorized access

GenRocket is the perfect choice for meeting these objectives. It’s ability to replace sensitive production data with controlled synthetic data as a data masking alternative is unmatched in the industry. Now our platform has been fully vetted and validated as a secure end-to-end system for deploying Test Data Automation in a remote, virtual or cloud-based environment.

As QA organizations replace manual testing with automaton, the ability to design and execute tests from anywhere is becoming increasingly important. A secure environment is mandatory for test operations conducted with outsourced services. And for companies implementing a work-from-home program, ensuring end-to-end security is a prerequisite.

To fully explain our many security controls, we have commissioned an assessment of the GenRocket platform that was conducted and documented by an authoritative Information and technology security analyst.

Here are the principle findings of this assessment:

  • GenRocket enforces strict access controls for anyone using the platform
  • All session data and test data configuration files are encrypted to ensure privacy
  • No data that is subject to regulatory compliance is stored by the GenRocket platform
  • All synthetic test data is generated on premise in the customer’s secure environment
  • GenRocket’s cloud infrastructure is hosted in an ISO 27001 certified environment
  • Multiple hosting options are available to suit specific customer requirements

These findings are explained in a document titled: GenRocket Test Data Automation: Security Controls Overview. It provides a thorough description of GenRocket’s many provisions for end-to-end security when deploying and scaling its industry-leading Test Data Automation solution.

Understanding the GenRocket Ecosystem

The security document references the GenRocket Ecosystem, a modular test data provisioning platform that adapts to any IT environment. Its component-based architecture makes it easy to define very controlled test data requirements, share projects with co-workers, and run Test Data Scenarios that generate real-time synthetic test data. The GenRocket Ecosystem is designed for seamless integration with test automation tools and allows testers to self-provision any variety or volume of test data on-demand.

To learn more, download Understanding the GenRocket Ecosystem. It explains the roles and relationships of the many components that comprise our Test Data Automation platform.