Optimizing Test Automation for Continuous Delivery

In the age of DevOps and Agile software development, quality assurance teams are under a new level of time pressure to ensure quality at speed. To meet the challenge of continuous integration and testing, QA organizations are deploying test automation for continuous delivery. A recent survey by QA Intelligence found that 85% of test organizations have introduced test automation into their organization in an effort to replace manual testing.

They are turning to test automation tools like Selenium, SauceLabs and BlazeMeter, and integrating them into CI/CD pipeline servers like Jenkins, TeamCity and CircleCI. Then they begin the process of automating their functional, integration, performance and regression testing to accelerate operations and improve code coverage.

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It’s a great plan, but it won’t succeed without addressing one more piece of the puzzle – how to provision test data in sufficient quantity and quality to support the pace of automation. Put another way, continuous testing requires continuous test data.

The World Quality Report found that almost half (48%) of QA professionals are having problems provisioning test data for their test automation environment. This has limited deployment in a profound way. The report found that during 2017 and 2018, no testing organization has successfully automated more than 18% of their test cases and only 4% had reached full deployment of test automaton (greater than 90% of tests).

Realizing the Full Value of Test Automation

GenRocket TDGTM is a Test Data Generation (TDG) platform that solves the test data problem. It generates complete, controlled and comprehensive test data based on your data model and according to your exact data requirements at the rate of 10,000 rows of data per second.

GenRocket TDG brings the power and flexibility of zero-touch, real-time test data to accelerate any category of testing and is essential to the goal of realizing the full value of test automation for continuous delivery.

When GenRocket TDG is integrated with test automation tools such as Selenium and CI/CD pipelines like Jenkins, QA teams can achieve true test automation synergy.

See the power and simplicity of GenRocket TDG in this 3-minute video created by GenRocket’s Chief Technology Officer and Co-founder. It provides a short demonstration of GenRocket TDG integrated with Selenium test automation within a Jenkins CI/CD pipeline. Seeing is believing, and after you see GenRocket TDG in action, we think you will become a believer as well.

If you found the video informative, then you will find our eBook, Achieving Test Automation Synergy to be essential as you work towards building a world-class test automation environment for continuous delivery. The eBook provides a comprehensive look at how your peers in the field of software quality assurance are approaching their deployment of test automation. It covers the challenges they face and the solutions to those challenges with a detailed explanation of the technologies and best practices required for success.

Achieving Test Automation Synergy

How Test Data Generation integrates with CI/CD pipelines and test automation tools to unlock the full potential of accelerated software development.

Table of Contents

  1. Embracing Quality at Speed Explains the industry trends driving the adoption of test automation with market research data.
  2. Thinking Differently About Test Data Introduces a new way to think about test data as an intelligent, on-demand resource for testing.
  3. The Importance of Test Data Quality Covers the many aspects of data quality that should be considered when provisioning test data.
  4. Integrating TDG with CI/CD Presents an architecture and deployment model for continuous testing with integrated test automation.
  5. Maximizing Test Automation ROI Provides best practices and practical advice for maximizing your test automation investment ROI.
  6. Innovating Test Data Solutions Covers a variety of test automation use cases that can be accelerated with real-time synthetic test data.
  7. Realizing Operational Benefits Summarizes the operational benefits and business value achievable with test automation synergy.

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