How GenRocket Enables Enterprise-Class Test Data Generation Deployment

by admin on Jan 16, 2019

GenRocket has developed a number of new features to enable enterprise-class deployment of its Test Data Generation (TDG) platform. In our mid-November issue of The GenRocket Advisor we provided a checklist of use cases you can follow to identify applications where TDG can have immediate impact on testing productivity. We’ve renamed the document that accompanies this newsletter as “Test Data Generation Use Cases” and it will make an excellent companion document for the topic of today’s newsletter.

In this issue we want to share some new features that will turn the GenRocket platform into an even more scalable TDG environment. We will also touch on the roles and responsibilities of the ideal QA team – a formula used by our most successful integration partners – as well as the basic deployment steps they follow as they deploy TDG to an enterprise QA organization.

As you know, GenRocket can handle single use case test data requirements quickly and efficiently, but the real power of TDG is realized when it’s deployed across the organization, at enterprise scale. GenRocket’s modular design allows testers to deploy test data solutions for one application and then re-use components to quickly address the test data requirements of other applications.

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