Enhanced Test Data Automation for SWIFT Messages

by admin on Nov 10, 2021

SWIFT is a messaging protocol that operates on a global network used by international banks and other financial institutions to transfer funds in a secure, standardized, and reliable manner. The SWIFT network services more than 11,000 members and carries over 5 billion transactions every year. SWIFT uses a complex multilevel message structure to convey instructions for money transfers between its member institutions.

SWIFT supports two different messaging standards know as MT and MX. SWIFT MT is a legacy non-XML proprietary message format that dates back to the 1970’s. It is gradually being replaced by the more advanced SWIFT MX standard, also known as ISO 20022. The message structure for SWIFT MX messages is defined by an XML schema definition (XSD) file. During the migration to ISO 20022, SWIFT transactions can be based on either messaging standard, with full conversion to SWIFT MX targeted for November 2025.

GenRocket Simplifies the Creation of Synthetic SWIFT Test Data

Comprehensive testing of SWIFT applications is problematic. A wide variety of transaction types must be represented by test data that fully complies with its complex message structure. Generating SWIFT MT message data is especially difficult because there is no XSD to define the data structure. As a result, test data is often created manually, which is an error-prone and time-intensive process.

GenRocket has just released a new capability allowing testers to generate SWIFT MT synthetic test data quickly and accurately with the help of a graphical user interface.

Swift MT

This new SWIFT configuration management feature complements GenRocket’s ability to import an XSD to generate SWIFT MX compliant test data. Now SWIFT applications can be fully tested using either SWIFT messaging format to accelerate test cycle time and maximize test coverage.

If you would like to learn more about the new SWIFT configuration management feature, read our knowledge base article describing the SWIFTSegmentMergeReceiver and its new graphical user interface.

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