Data Generation For Utility Purposes by Gregg Bolinger on Dec 02, 2013

It is easy to look at Data Generation and think of it in terms of test data. However, there are many other reasons to generate data that might generally be created by hand. Take, for example, JMeter’s CSV Data Set Config. JMeter is a popular tool for performing load and stress tests. Often times the user will want to stress test a specific page of a web site while providing different pieces of data each time the page is requested.

Using a login page as a simple example, by simply creating a csv file containing rows of usernames and passwords, you tell JMeter to use this csv file and it will use a different username/password combination for each request, working its way down the file.

When you want to test 10 different username / password combinations, creating this file by hand is fine. But what if you needed 1000 different combinations? And what if you wanted the added benefit that these usernames and passwords were actually valid for your test environment?

With GenRocket it is as simple as assigning a DelimitedFileReceiver to your Domain and excluding the Attributes you don’t need for your Scenario. Watch the following video to see how easy it is to generate utility data that can be used for JMeter’s CSV Data Set Config.