Credit Card Test Data Generators by Hycel Taylor on Apr 18, 2017

The Challenge with Credit Card Test Data

Testing an application can be challenging if you don’t have access to the necessary test data. One of the areas where testers run into their biggest test data challenge is having access to (you guessed it) credit card test data. Chances are if you work on an enterprise application, you have a credit card field somewhere in your data model. To leverage this data for testing, you need to prune it. Here at GenRocket, we feel that you can speed up a typically slow process of pruning credit card data by simply generating the credit card test data you need on demand and in realtime. Our credit card generators allow you to specify the credit card test data you want so you can feel 100% confident in your test case results. All the credit card test data generated by GenRocket TDG (Test Data Generation) can be validated using the Luhn algorithm. The biggest benefit of generating synthetic credit card test data, is that all the data is valid and poses zero security risk.

New Credit Card Test Data Generators

We just released several new credit card Generators that are available to all GenRocket TDG users. Click on the corresponding links to see a training video of how to use each Generator.
  1. CreditCardGen: Generates many different types of credit card numbers that can be validated using the Luhn algorithm. You can specify many credit card brands you want generated with this generator (American Express, Visa, MasterCard, etc.).
  1. CreditCardNameGen: References the CreditCardGen, CreditCardSwitchGen, or CreditCardIndexGen Generator to produce the name for the type of card being generated. In other words, whenever you generate a credit card number you can easily know the name of the brand for that credit card number. This is ideal if your application is storing a user’s credit card number and the brand name of the credit card.
  2. CreditCardSwitchGen: Like the CreditCardGen, this Generator generates many different types of card numbers that can be validated using the Luhn algorithm. The difference is that this generator switches between different types of credit card numbers based on the card identifier passed to it. For example, based on the credit card identifier, we could generate the following conditioned test data:
    • All executives get an American Express card (identifier = americanExpress)
    • All managers get a Visa credit card (identifier = visa16)
    • All employees get a MasterCard (identifier = masterCard)
  1. CreditCardIndexGen: References a cardName, cardPrefix, and an index to calculate and generate a credit card number. For example, if you have a test case that fails on the 1,000,000th user and you want to get the user’s credit card number, then you can retrieve it by passing an index of 1,000,000.

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