GenRocket Platform

Our web application and real-time engine enable teams to automate white box test creation and generate, realistic, random, patterned, and conditioned test data.

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Automated White Box Testing Features

GenRocket accelerates the process of generating test data, writes the code needed to insert the test data into the database with parent-child relationships, and also writes the CRUD and constraint source code for the white box tests.

Easily import and update your data model

  • Easily import your data model to the GenRocket Web Application
  • Supports data models of any level of complexity
  • Easily update your data model in GenRocket as your data model changes

Instantly generate test data for white box tests

  • No need to prune your production database or create your own test data by hand
  • Preserves the complex parent-child relationships of your data model

Instantly load test data with parent-child relationships

  • GenRocket creates test data in real-time for effective white box testing.
  • Ensures the proper loading and managing of test data with full referential

Auto generate CRUD and constraint tests for white box testing

  • Generates test code for CRUD and Constraint testing based on your data model

Use any Model View Controller framework

  • Any application framework that leverages the MVC framework can easily use GenRocket
  • GenRocketFrameworks currently supported:
    • Grails
    • Laravel
  • Framework support is easily added — request your framework today.