Webinar: Test Automation Requires Test Data Automation

While 85% of development organizations have introduced test automation, only 23% have deployed it in 50% of their test cases and only 4% have automated more than 90% of test cases. That’s because they are struggling with the pace of provisioning test data for a new generation of tools designed for continuous testing.

To realize the full value of test automation, GenRocket and Kualitatem have advanced traditional Test Data Management (TDM) to the next generation with its Test Data Automation (TDA) platform.

Attend this webinar and learn about exciting new technology and how it can deliver superior software testing solutions to any QA organization.

Here is what you will learn from this informative session:

  • Expert perspectives and solutions to current test automation challenges
  • GenRocket discussion of test data automation advancements
  • Real-world examples of Test Data Automation in action
  • Live demonstration with Q&A

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