GenRocket, a GDPR Compliant Test Data Management Solution

Is your company ready for the coming EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)? If your company is located within the European Union or uses data from EU users/customers, even if your office is located outside the EU, your test data management (TDM) strategy is most likely impacted by this regulation. This coming legislation will be into effect in May 2018.

This is not a regulation you can take your time adapting to: non-compliance can result in a fine of 4% annual global turnover or €20 million. Non-compliance can mean miss-using data or losing it.

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Why GenRocket?

Since GenRocket creates synthetic data there is no risk of exposing any personally identifiable information in your test environment. A completely synthetic test data practice is essential for GDPR compliance.

Adjust Your Organization’s TDM Strategy for GDPR

Learn more on how you can use GenRocket’s test data solution to see how you can create a compliant test data strategy for your organization in our brochure. This brochure will cover the following:

  • Overview of GDPR’s Impact on Test Data Management
  • Key Test Data Management Strategies for GDPR compliance
  • How GenRocket Differs from other Test Data Management tools
  • Overview of GenRocket’s Patented Test Data Solution

About GenRocket

GenRocket is an emerging technology leader in software testing technology, serving IT services companies and enterprise customers who demand superior quality and efficiency in their software development operation. GenRocket is the next generation of Test Data Management (TDM) solutions that uses a synthetic test data generation system that allows users to generate test data on-demand and in real-time. This system was built for enterprise use cases and can scale to large, complex database environments while preserving referential integrity. Headquartered in Ojai, California, GenRocket operates in a number of international markets through its network of technology partners.

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