Release Notes for January 2024

by admin on Jan 31, 2024

GenRocket - What's New

Here is a summary of new features, enhancements and bug fixes outlined in our latest release notes.

New Features

  1. QueryStoredFuncEachLoopGen: This new generator dynamically calls a stored function with varying parameters, returning a single result of a specific data type in each loop iteration.
  2. ArabicNameGen Generator: A tool for generating Arabic names (male, female, and last names) in the Arabic alphabet. It also provides transliteration for English names into Arabic.
  3. G-Delta (Beta release): This feature detects changes in database schema, like added or removed tables and columns. It updates the GenRocket cloud to reflect these changes in the Project Version and its components, ensuring test data aligns with the latest database schema. It requires G-Repository to be active.


  1. G-Case Feature Upgrade: Now allows enabling or disabling of Receivers at the G-Case level, controlling output for a specific Domain within a Scenario.
  2. GenRocket License Check Timeout: A customizable timeout feature in milliseconds has been added for license checks, with an option (`gto`) to configure the timeout period.
  3. SFTPReceiver Improvements: Now supports configurable authentication preferences for Kerberos Support.

Bug Fixes

  1. Project Version Copy: Fixed an issue where an apostrophe in the Project Version description caused the copy process to fail.
  2. G-Graphics: Resolved an issue where deleted Project Versions were incorrectly displayed.
  3. Team Permissions: Fixed a bug where the Project Version Access Dialog showed the same Project Version multiple times.
  4. XML File Generation: Corrected the application of CDATA to only XML tag text value, not the XML tag attribute value.
  5. LoopSetGen: Addressed an issue with incorrect loop count settings for child Domains.
  6. EDISegmentMergeReceiver: Renamed the “Cross Reference” parameter to “Reference” for consistency across Receivers.

This release brings significant enhancements and fixes, ensuring more efficient and accurate data generation and schema management.

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