New Trial Kit for Low Touch Sales Opportunities

by admin on Jul 15, 2020

We are pleased to announce a new Trial Kit to address the increased level of inquiries for GenRocket’s Test Data Automation solution. This kit allows a completely self-guided GenRocket evaluation for opportunities that don’t qualify for an enterprise sales process.

As you know, our standard sales process calls for high-touch involvement in each stage of a formal product evaluation. As shown in the upper branch of the diagram below, a structured POC is managed by a GenRocket partner with assistance from the GenRocket customer success team. This follows a live demo (using our new banking demo kit) to set the stage for POC prep, execution and validation and successfully position GenRocket for enterprise deployment (land and expand).

This resource-intensive approach does not make sense for every sales inquiry. Some opportunities are not ready or fully funded to justify a high-touch evaluation process. So we created a separate branch to support a low-touch sales process. This new process enables a self-evaluation of GenRocket that begins with a recorded demo followed by a trial that provides full access to the self-service modules in our platform. We’ve assembled all of the resources needed to ensure this self-guided customer experience is successful in our new Trial Kit. You can learn about and access the Trial Kit in the Partner Sales and Marketing section of our knowledgebase.

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