New Synthetic Data Use Cases from GenRocket

by admin on Apr 17, 2024

GenRocket's Test Data Automation platform

Discover the impressive advantage of Test Data Automation (TDA) in our new video series, “Unleashing the Power of Test Data Automation,” featuring GenRocket’s CEO, Garth Rose. This brief series offers a detailed look at how our platform revolutionizes traditional Test Data Management (TDM) through enterprise-class scalability, dynamic data generation, and seamless integration.

Traditional methods often fall short, relying on manipulated production data that fails to produce diverse and comprehensive datasets. GenRocket’s innovative TDA overcomes these limitations by generating positive data with referential integrity, as well as unique, negative, and edge-case data across any volume and variety.

The series showcases significant real-world use cases in the financial and energy sectors. For example, our platform enabled a global network in the financial industry to generate over 6,000 data combinations for deposit account software testing, greatly enhancing test coverage and efficiency.

In the energy sector, it facilitated the rapid creation of meter data for an advanced meter infrastructure project, increasing data generation speed by 300% and significantly improving defect detection.

These examples demonstrate how GenRocket goes beyond traditional testing needs to enable more effective and efficient test processes. Join us to see how GenRocket’s TDA can revolutionize your organization’s test data management, ensuring more accurate and efficient testing outcomes.

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