New Solution Accelerator Simplifies X12 EDI Test Data Provisioning

by admin on Nov 11, 2020

GenRocket is publicly announcing a major enhancement to our EDI Test Data Management offering with the availability of a new EDI Solution Accelerator. It includes a bundle of ready-to-use EDI Transaction Set Examples that can be quickly tailored for any X12 EDI implementation.

During the past year, we’ve been working closely with healthcare industry payers, partners and providers to streamline our self-service modules and simplify the process of building comprehensive EDI test data.

The result is a powerful and flexible self-service capability with the ability to blend queried production data with secure and controlled synthetic data. This enables QA teams to fully test their EDI applications without compromising patient privacy.

With GenRocket’s EDI Test Data Management solution, clinically accurate transaction data can be used to validate the complex workflows and business logic used by sophisticated insurance claims processing systems.

We’ve put together a new Solution Guide for EDI Test Data Automation to capture the full story. It provides background information on the state of automation in the health care insurance industry and identifies the pain points our customers and prospects are addressing.

The Solution Guide also describes our new self-service features and the key Transaction Set Examples that are bundled in our new EDI Solution Accelerator. And it contains links to helpful knowledgebase articles and video tutorials.

If you are working in the healthcare segment, we urge you to review this new Solution Guide and share it with prospective customers. As always, we are ready to help you introduce this powerful solution to the marketplace and win new business with a solution that truly has no competition.

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