Machine Learning Is the Future – and GenRocket Is Ready

by admin on Jan 18, 2023

Some analysts believe that the market for machine learning may surpass $9 Billon USD this year. The surge in growth in the ML market is exponential as this industry disruptor opens new avenues for software development and applications.

Massive volumes of data are required to train ML models to perform at a high level of accuracy and consistency. Synthetic data can play an important role in training machine learning algorithms. And GenRocket’s Synthetic Test Data Automation platform is already poised to satisfy the data needs of this exciting new market.

GenRocket - Machine Learning Use Cases

Quality Training Data: The Programming Language of AI and ML

The profile of the data used to train any ML model is so essential to its successful operation, it can almost be thought of as a programming language. Provisioning quality training data is the most important and the most difficult part of deploying an ML system.

Data accuracy and integrity must be ensured before it can be used for training. As a result, sourcing quality training data from production can take up to 80% of the total project time.

GenRocket Synthetic Test Data: A Good Choice for ML Training

Because of the huge volume of training data that’s required, developers are increasingly looking to synthetic data to accelerate the process. Synthetic data is not real data, but realistic data that looks just like the original data in every way. And it’s not only secure, but it can also be generated in high volume.

GenRocket can use any data model as a blueprint for the data structure that can be combined with rules for producing synthetic training data having a pre-determined statistical data profile.

This approach enables the generation of synthetic data with much higher quality than training data produced by deep learning as it provides control over the volume and variety of data needed to train the model. It does, however, require knowledge of the application domain and training data profile.

Why Choose GenRocket for Machine Learning Training?

GenRocket - Data Requirements

Synthetically Generated Training Data

  • Fully automates the delivery of synthetic data
  • Based on predefined rules and statistical profiles
  • Simulates any data model with referential integrity
  • With any variety or volume of data (billions of rows)
  • Ensures data quality (accurate, consistent & complete)
  • 100% secure & compliant with all data privacy laws
  • Available if there’s no data or to augment existing data

Use GenRocket to generate any volume & variety of quality synthetic data in any data format in a matter of minutes.

Read more the emerging field of machine learning and details of how GenRocket synthetic test data supports programming and testing ML systems.

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