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by admin on Mar 25, 2020

During this past week, we substantially increased the size of our GenRocket partner mailing list. If this is your first exposure to The GenRocket Advisor, welcome! We rely on this newsletter as an important medium for sharing information about our Test Data Automation technology, its best practices and customer solutions.

Don’t worry, if you want to view previous editions of The GenRocket Advisor, you can access all of them in the Newsletter section of our website here.

In this week’s edition we bring you a very important episode of Test Data Topics, a weekly videocast that covers important GenRocket topics with an informal conversation between company co-founders Garth Rose and Hycel Taylor.

Today’s topic is Data Quality, a foundational principle for understanding the full power of GenRocket. Why is this concept so critically important? It dispels a common misconception in the marketplace that synthetic test data is simply random data. As you will see and hear, with GenRocket, nothing could be further from the truth.

View this short video to learn the true definition of data quality from a GenRocket perspective. We discuss several use cases and explain the impact data quality has on test quality.

We hope you enjoy the videocast and look forward to bringing you additional information, insights and ideas in future editions of The GenRocket Advisor. If you have questions, comments or topic suggestions, please share them with us.


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