GenRocket Synthetic Test Data Supports Salesforce Integration Testing

by admin on Oct 05, 2023

Salesforce CRM is one of the most popular Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems, as attested by the recent Dreamforce conference in San Francisco. Thousands flocked to the event to witness demonstrations, product reveals, and more. With over 150,000 users worldwide, Salesforce is often the de facto choice for large enterprises seeking to improve their marketing, customer relationships, customer data tracking and more.

As a CRM, Salesforce is rarely, if ever, used as a stand-alone system. It is typically integrated into other systems, especially enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems. And, like any systems integration, Salesforce integrations require testing. Thorough testing with fresh test data is essential to uncover bugs before launching integrated platforms.

GenRocket - Integration Testing

GenRocket Integrates Dynamically with Salesforce for Thorough Testing

To support full testing of Salesforce integrations, GenRocket integrates dynamically with Salesforce CRM. Users can create multiple profiles to access different Salesforce Environments, dynamically access Salesforce Environments to query and import Object descriptions to speed data setup, insert data back into Salesforce, and more.

Any Salesforce Object can be chosen and imported as a GenRocket Domain, and its Fields can be selected as GenRocket Attributes of the Domain. Intelligent Generators are automatically assigned and configurable to produce synthetic data in the required volume and variety for specific test cases. Multiple Salesforce environments can be modeled and stored as Salesforce Profiles for streamlined access and reusability.

Test Business Rules: Control and Condition Synthetic Test Data

GenRocket provides the ability to control and condition synthetic data accurately for testing business rules during functional testing or simulating real-world load conditions during performance testing. This capability allows teams to maximize test coverage while ensuring the accuracy and efficiency of data exchange among interconnected systems.

Proven to Be Effective in Real-World Testing

GenRocket’s Salesforce support has proven valuable in real-world scenarios. A national online retailer specializing in pre-owned automobiles, managing sales, shipping, and inventory through an e-commerce portal, required seamless integration with Salesforce. While Salesforce managed account relationships, other platforms handled accounting, operations, and finance. To rigorously test this interconnected system, GenRocket’s Salesforce Accelerator was employed to generate synthetic test data for Salesforce, ensuring the smooth flow of data between Salesforce and other platforms within the ecosystem.

Need Salesforce Synthetic Test Data? GenRocket Is Ready

Salesforce integration into a company’s technology ecosystem is a critical step for many enterprises. Ensuring the seamless transfer of data between systems is vital for testers and developers. GenRocket’s Salesforce Accelerator offers an efficient solution for this testing challenge, simplifying the process and enhancing efficiency for businesses incorporating Salesforce into their operations.

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