The Launch of Easy-to-Use Test Data Generation Software Platform

by admin on May 20, 2013

GenRocket, Inc. announces that GenRocket, a test data generation platform, is being released for general availability on Monday May 20th, 2013 after many years in development. GenRocket is used by software developers and quality assurance engineers to generate huge volumes of test data for use in unit testing, integration testing, functional testing and by testing automation systems.

GenRocket, Inc. Announces the Launch of Easy-to-Use and Powerful Test Data Generation Software Platform Making GenRocket the New Standard for Test Data Generation Natick, MA, May 20, 2013 –(– “Too many software applications go into production without being fully tested and the costs of finding and fixing bugs at the production stage are huge,” said GenRocket CEO, Hycel Taylor. “Even with the best of intentions there is only so much time to do software testing and thorough software testing requires large quantities of well-structured test data. Currently available, test data generation solutions are too limiting, too complex, or they are too expensive. We believe GenRocket fills an important need and will become the new standard for test data generation for software developers and QA engineers.”

GenRocket was designed for use by individual software/QA engineers or by engineering teams and is attractively priced for software development businesses of any size; pricing starts at just $499 per year. There is a Web-hosted component, GenRocket Web, where a customer’s tables and data relationships are modeled and testing scenarios are created and then there is a local run-time component, GenRocket Run-Time, that runs on an engineer’s local PC or in a run-time environment.

About GenRocket, Inc:
Incorporated in February 2012, GenRocket is bringing to market a test data generation platform that combines ease of use, unprecedented power, and affordable pricing. Better software testing needs better test data and GenRocket can produce huge quantities of structured test data in seconds.

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