XTS Wizard Overview

What is XTS (Extract Table Schema)?

XTS stands for Extract Table Schema. In this approach, GenRocket can retrieve one, many or all table schemas from a given database by connecting directly to the database via JDBC to extract the database’s schema. The extracted schema is saved to an encrypted file. The encrypted file can then be imported into the GenRocket web application using XTS Wizard.

Note: Lesson 2 of this training module goes over how to create an XTS File. XTS Files have a .gxts file extension.

What is the XTS Wizard?

The XTS Wizard contains a set of easy-to-use wizards that can be used to import an XTS File into a selected Project Version of a given Project and complete important setup steps after the import has completed.

XTS is a multi-step process that includes important setup steps that are accomplished using multiple wizards:

When should it be used?

Any time you need to import an XTS File into a selected Project Version of a given Project.

How to Access the XTS Wizard

XTS Wizard can be accessed in one of two ways:

Method 1:

Expand the Self Serve Options Menu for a Project Version and select XTS Wizard.

Method 2:

Expand the New Domain drop-down menu and select Import from XTS.

Who should use the XTS Wizard?

  • Data Architects – This persona will complete Steps 1 through 6 for most organizations.
  • Software Testers – This persona will complete Step 7 for most organizations.

How does it work?

  1. Step 1: XTS Import Wizard
  2. Step 2: Domain Referencing Wizard
  3. Step 3: Generator Tuning Wizard
  4. Step 4: Receiver Assignment Wizard
  5. Step 5: Scenario Assignment Wizard
  6. Step 6: Domain Family Wizard (Coming Soon)
  7. Step 7: G-Case Assignment Wizard (Coming Soon)
  8. (Optional) Edit: Attribute Modification Wizard
  9. (Optional) Edit: Receiver Modification Wizard
  10. (Optional) Delete: Receiver Delete Wizard
  11. (Optional) Delete: Scenario Delete Wizard



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XTS stands for Extract Table Schema.

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