What is the SegmentDataCreatorReceiver?

The lesson provides an overview of the SegmentDataCreatorReceiver and its available Parameters.

The following applies specifically to EDI Projects and their created Domains:

  • A Domain represents a single Segment/Loop within the EDI Document.
  • Each Domain is assigned the SegmentDataCreatorReceiver.

Please note that the SegmentDataCreatorReceiver already contains the necessary default values to generate data for each Domain within an EDI Project. However, Parameters for this Receiver may be customized as needed.

What is the SegmentDataCreatorReceiver?

The SegmentDataCreatorReceiver morphs a Domain’s generated data into name/value pair XML segments.

Segmented data is set-based, and each XML segment represents a single Domain of test data.  Each segment can also reference a parent Domain from another segment to ensure referential integrity between parent/child relationships.

The SegmentDataCreatorReceiver formats data generically, in XML format; this gives any GenRocket MergeReceiver the ability to read XML segment files and merge the segmented data into complex nested output formats.

SegmentDataCreatorReceiver Parameters

The SegmentDataCreatorReceiver requires that the following parameters are defined:

  • outputPath – Defines the location to store the generated XML segment file.
  • subDirectory – Defines the name of a subdirectory defined as the value of the outputPath.
  • fileName – Defines the name of the generated segment file.
  • filesPerDirectory – Defines the number of files to be generated per output subdirectory.
  • recordsPerFile – Defines the number of segments to be generated per file.

The image below shows the SegmentDataCreatorReceiver Parameters for the BHT_BeginningOfHiearchicalSegment within an EDI 837I Document:



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