What is the EDISegmentMergeReceiver?

The lesson provides an overview of the EDISegmentMergeReceiver and its available Parameters.

The following information applies specifically to EDI Projects and their created Domains:

  • A Merge Domain is created within the EDI Project.
  • The EDISegmentMergeReceiver is automatically assigned to the Merge Domain.

Please note that the EDISegmentMergeReceiver already contains the necessary default values for merging the generated XML segments created for each Domain. However, Parameters for this Receiver may be customized as needed.

What is the EDISegmentMergeReceiver?

The EDISegmentMergeReceiver merges multiple segment data into EDI formatted output. Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) is the computer-to-computer exchange of business documents in a standard electronic format between business partners.

EDISegmentMergeReceiver Parameters

Parameters with an asterisk (*) are required.

  • outputPath – Defines the location to store the newly generated EDI file.
  • outputSubDir – Defines the prefix name of subdirectories that are auto-created under the outputPath and then appended with a number (e.g., data1, data2, data3)
  • configName – Defines the name of the configuration files.
  • configPath – Defines the location where the configuration file and one or more template files are stored.
  • configSubDir – The subdirectory under the configPath directory where configuration and template files are stored.
  • segmentPath – Defines the path to the segment directory where all segment subdirectories can be found.
  • segmentSubDirectory – Defines the subdirectory under the segmentPath where segment files can be found.
  • overrideFileName – This parameter allows you to override the output file name given in the configuration file. Also, this gives an ability to modify the output file name with the help of the Engine API.
  • filesPerOutputSubDir – Defines the number of files to be generated per output subdirectory.
  • deleteOutputSubDir – Defines whether to delete the outputSubDir or not.
  • deleteSegmentDir – Defines whether to delete the segments directory or not.

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